How does it work?

You contact us and we send you a simple test for you to fill out. This evaluation needs to be completed within 24hrs. In case you prefer an oral evaluation, we can also contact you. Please provide us with your email, phone number and best times to reach you. Please keep in mind we do not assemble groups, our only formats at this time are One-on-One and Self-Assembled group sessions (2 students maximum).

How do I know my step?

After completing the written or oral evaluation, we will analyze your answers and suggest the most suitable step for you based on your previous experience with the language.

What classes are offered?

At this time our Spanish sessions for One-on-One private sessions or for Small Self-Assembled groups are through video feed.

  • Classes through video feed can be for One-on-One students or for Small Self-Assembled groups (2 students max.)
  • All sessions are scheduled M – F from 8am to 7pm.

Do I need to buy books or extra materials?

Once enrolled in the program, the student will have access to a file where, each week, his/her instructor will upload all the materials they will review in class. There’s no need to purchase extra books. All materials provided in the file are at NO EXTRA COST.

Students can bring their electronic devices to class if they desire. It is also recommended to bring a Spanish/English dictionary for every class.

How often can I meet with my instructor?

Regular sessions are once a week for a 2hr-session. For a more intense program, you can meet with your tutor as many times per week as you desire. For an immersion course of this kind, you can meet for longer sessions (3 to 4hrs each time) and as many days as you need (2, 3, 4 or 5 times a week). Based on our availability we will try to make our best to meet your needs.

How many hours can I purchase?

You can buy classes month to month or pre-pay in bulk. For full step or half-step purchases there are extra discounts. Please contact us directly for more information.

How many hours are in one step?

In one step there are 44hrs of instruction. Each student will use the 44hrs or less depending on their confidence and their understanding of the language. If the student used less hours and pre-paid for 44hrs, the unused hours will roll over to the next step.

What are the payment methods?

All payments are upfront. Here are the following payment methods we accept at the moment:

  • An electronic bank wire. Please contact us so we can guide you through the payment procedures.
  • Personal checks. These must be received prior to the start date of the class. If the check is returned for lack of funds, there’s an extra $50 charge. For our mailing address please click here.

What to do if I decide to cancel the program?

If you don’t feel satisfied with our program after your first session, you can request a full refund. The refund will be processed and completed within 10 business days. There are no partial refunds.

What to do if I need to pause my classes? (NOTE: Only for private One-on-One students)

If for any reason you need to pause your classes, they can only be on hold for up to 2 months or 60 days maximum. Students in small self-assembled groups are not eligible for this option.

What to do when I need to reschedule or cancel a session?

For private one-on-one sessions, if the session is cancelled 24hrs in advance there is no charge. If the session is cancelled the same day, unfortunately, the class will be considered as a missed session.

In group cases, if one of the students cannot make it for an specific session, the other student will still have the class with the same regular time. The instructor later will send the student who missed the class an email with the details of the session he/she missed and the preparation he/she needs for the next class as well.

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