Steps: What to expect?

Spanish 4 Life is a program based on 4 simple steps. Each journey is unique. There is no pressure to jump from one step to another. Time becomes our most valuable ally. Our mission is to help you feel comfortable speaking in Spanish. We want you to find your inner Spanish voice!

Step 1: You will learn how to communicate simple ideas, events, etc. by using structures that will evolve gradually in their complexity.

Step 2: You will express more elaborate ideas, understand idiomatic expressions  and develop cultural awareness about Hispanic culture.

Step 3: You not only will have a better understanding about the Spanish that narrates events or facts but you will have a better understanding of the forms which express, in a subtle way, emotions, desires, etc.

Step 4: You will learn structures which will allow you to express elaborate ideas and emotions, facts and desires, you will be able to compare and contrast all structures that you have learned throughout this journey.


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